Every purchase increases your chances at love.

Our first year here at the Green Ring is dedicated to education. Even if you aren’t single, help us reach our goal of reaching 500k people by telling everyone you know exactly what a Green Ring means. We will be giving away one Seeking Band prize pack per week for one year! 

Check out our social media for what is inside each prize pack and details on how to win!

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A practical solution for a growing problem...

There are rings for nearly every purpose, but there’s nothing to easily identify someone who is single. Over the decades, organic relationships and ways of meeting have all but gone extinct. That is the inspiration behind The Green Ring. A simple expression and practical solution for genuine people seeking organic connections because let’s face it…chemistry is real! The ring itself is beautiful and classic not to mention fun! Crafted from surgical grade stainless steel and hypoallergenic, at first glance you can see the distinct green shade of The Seeking Band and know for sure if someone is open to adventure! Single people deserve a ring and it may as well serve the purpose to let love find you!


"Everywhere I go I get compliments on my Seeking Band! I have been sharing it like crazy!"

"Pure genius! I love my Seeking Band and cannot wait to share this with my Jeep club!"

“Please hurry and get this into the world, us single people need this now!”

“I am married but I wish I had this when I was dating…I would totally have purchased this for all my bridesmaids and groomsmen…”

“If you love your friends, this is the ultimate gift.”